Downtown Toronto is my new home

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Every morning I think this phrase, ”I belong downtown”. When I first moved away from Scarborough, I was scared of the people around me. I was shy when meeting new people. Four years ago, I began to believe that I belong downtown. It’s been a long time and I am used to it now. Downtown Toronto is my new home. There are many reasons why I love living downtown. First, I appreciate being surrounded by different races and cultures. It makes me feel happy to see diverse people around me. Secondly, I love being close to shopping malls, such as the Eaton Centre. Thirdly, there is a lot of things to do to stay entertained. For example, Toronto hosts events such as the C.N.E. and concerts featuring famous artists, such as Bruno Mars. This is why I belong downtown and I’ll never leave.


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Toronto: a diverse place where everyone is welcome

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Before coming to Toronto, I use to live in the suburbs of Ottawa. I always loved to go downtown because of all the big tall buildings, and glowing lights. My daycare and my mom’s work was downtown too. At 6:30, when I went home all the lights were on. It was beautiful. I also went downtown with my dad because of the GGs, Ottawa's football team. We would be the only ones there and the hot dog vender would only make one hot dog for me! It was awesome! Then I moved to downtown Toronto, a diverse place where everyone is welcome.




Everyone belongs downtown

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I love Toronto’s downtown because everyday when I go to school I see different skin colours, different cultures, and people from different countries. For example, my grade 4/5 classmates represent about a dozen different countries. I also love Toronto’s downtown because everyone is welcome, regardless of their religion or background. In addition, I like Toronto’s downtown because most holidays are celebrated there. For instance, last year my family and I went to Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate Christmas. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown. #i belong downtown


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Downtown welcomes all people

Living in downtown Toronto is a dream for many of us, particularly for immigrants across the globe. As downtown welcomes people from different backgrounds to get into one fabric and live peacefully. It gives all people an opportunity to grow and contribute to nation building, education, health care, and clean surrounding to dwell.

-Ghershyam Presad

Always something new in downtown Victoria

What I love most about this city is that it's a tourist town. And that means that everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the city! It also means that there is always something new and exciting to see & enjoy, such as a new beach, a new restaurant, a new golf course or a new marine where you can admire all the boats and yachts!