Creative and chaotic commons of downtown Saskatoon

I love my downtown because I love the people of Saskatoon... and no where is there a display of the contributions of local people more than in the creative, chaotic commons of our downtown. Saskatoon people are obviously creative, friendly, industrious, love their river valley, and have a tolerant prairie pragmatism that is revealed in the inclusiveness you see...the food scene is top quality and eclectic.

Boomtime Streetscape in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's downtown is the key to the identity of the city. I love 3rd Avenue and its streetscape of boomtime buildings of 1912. This must be the best boomtime streetscape in Saskatoon, if not in Western Canada. I have also enjoyed leading tours of downtown buildings and point out the fossils in the Tyndall limestone - on a safari in Saskatoon!

Beauty in Saskatoon

I first saw Saskatoon when I was 17 years old. I had been selected for the Jeunes Voyageurs program which was sponsored by the federal government. We traveled by train from Regina to Montreal. The train stopped in Saskatoon and we were met by young people who had participated in the program. They took us on a tour of the city and I will never forget driving down Spadina and seeing the Bess - the most beautiful site this little small town prairie girl had ever seen!

Adventures in Downtown Saskatoon

My earliest memory of downtown Saskatoon is arguably my fondest memory since it set the stage for all the fun and adventures I've had here. As a five year old, my older cousin Marcella got married, and she and her husband asked me to be their ring bearer. We were limo-ed to photos after the ceremony in Mendel Conservatory and on to the main ballroom at the Old Sheraton (now Hilton Garden Inn).