Downtown I can be myself

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I belong downtown because you don't have to be scared to express yourself. I go to the school at Nelson Mandela Park Public School. They provide lunch for me. When I say downtown, I think of busy streets and happy energy. My favorite place is Eaton Center. I like it because I like being in busy places. Also, the people that work there are nice and helpful. I belong downtown because I can be myself.

- Aleyna

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Peaceful place with kind and respectful people

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I think of downtown as a nice and peaceful place all of the people are kind and respectful well most people. I belong downtown because say if this person is in a different culture and people say get out of downtown go somewhere else. No downtown is a place for everyone. Toronto is a place for everyone downtown has a lot of stuff too. Like cineplex, baseball stadium/ Rogers center,soccer field/BMO field and lots of schools for good education. That is why I belong downtown.