My favourite places downtown

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When l first moved to downtown Toronto, my neighborhood is in the middle of Regent Park and Cabbagetown. My favorite park in downtown is Regent Park because it has a nice school named Nelson Mandela Park Public School. My favorite space is the Eaton Center because it is a really fun mall, which has a movie theatre. When i was small, I lived in downtown Manitoba for 2 years. I liked downtown Manitoba as well because I was close to my family. However, I like downtown Toronto better because I have made more friends here.

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No such thing as strangers in Halifax

I've been working downtown and with Durty Nelly's for about 5 years now and I absolutely love it. Everyone you meet in Halifax is so friendly and willing to lend a hand where need be. I believe Dury Nelly's is a great reflection of what Halifax and Nova Scotia stand for; legendary hospitality, East Coast friendliness, doing everything with a smile. There is no such thing as strangers, only friends you haven't met yet.

Creative and chaotic commons of downtown Saskatoon

I love my downtown because I love the people of Saskatoon... and no where is there a display of the contributions of local people more than in the creative, chaotic commons of our downtown. Saskatoon people are obviously creative, friendly, industrious, love their river valley, and have a tolerant prairie pragmatism that is revealed in the inclusiveness you see...the food scene is top quality and eclectic.