Downtown is everyone seems like friends

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When I think of downtown Toronto, I think of lots of nice people walking the streets of this beautiful part of the city. Every person is going somewhere for different reasons at different times. In this diverse part of the city, it seems as though everyone is friends. My favorite part of downtown Toronto is the MLSE field by Nelson Mandela Park Public School. It’s good because you can play many different sports, such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball. The other great thing about it is that is brings together people of different backgrounds, races and religions. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown.


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Downtown I can be myself

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I belong downtown because you don't have to be scared to express yourself. I go to the school at Nelson Mandela Park Public School. They provide lunch for me. When I say downtown, I think of busy streets and happy energy. My favorite place is Eaton Center. I like it because I like being in busy places. Also, the people that work there are nice and helpful. I belong downtown because I can be myself.

- Aleyna

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Peaceful place with kind and respectful people

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I think of downtown as a nice and peaceful place all of the people are kind and respectful well most people. I belong downtown because say if this person is in a different culture and people say get out of downtown go somewhere else. No downtown is a place for everyone. Toronto is a place for everyone downtown has a lot of stuff too. Like cineplex, baseball stadium/ Rogers center,soccer field/BMO field and lots of schools for good education. That is why I belong downtown.


Friendly people in downtown

I always took the public transit to downtown because driving and parking in DT just scared me. Once I had to be downtown for 7am so i decided to drive. Parked underground near my destination, went off and returned to find my car and got totally lost. It took me 3 hours and I finally found my car thanks to a very kind security officer. Love the people downtown even though it can be intimidating. :)

-Gharnata Khan