Sharing and creating memories in Victoria

Shenanigans of my young self cruising around downtown, watching buskers, bumming rides off kabuki cabbies, and eating New York fries after scrounging for change are treasured memories. I'm lucky enough to work downtown and continue to make more memories. Better yet though is watching my children create their own memories in such a wonderful downtown.

Creative and chaotic commons of downtown Saskatoon

I love my downtown because I love the people of Saskatoon... and no where is there a display of the contributions of local people more than in the creative, chaotic commons of our downtown. Saskatoon people are obviously creative, friendly, industrious, love their river valley, and have a tolerant prairie pragmatism that is revealed in the inclusiveness you see...the food scene is top quality and eclectic.

Unexpected encounters in Beacon Park, Victoria

Unexpected encounters in Beacon Park, Victoria

My favourite thing about Victoria is that it is walkable.  I can easily walk downtown in 30 minutes, where I can shop both for necessities (fresh produce in vibrant Chinatown) and for frivolities (rubber chickens anyone?  Fort Street's got 'em!)  Not to mention all the great local food like Tacofino, Empire Donuts, and Kid Sister artisan ice-cream.  And after I've gathered all my supplies, I can stroll home via Beacon Hill Park where I might see great blue herons roosting, peacocks politely using crosswalks (it IS Victoria, after all), or some goats just... grinning.  Love it!