A happy place and the heartbeat of the city

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I am a student attending Nelson Mandela Park Public School. I am nine years old. When I think of downtown, I think of a happy place. When I think of downtown, I think of it as the heartbeat of the city. I like going to Centre Island because when I go there I always go with my family like my aunts, cousins, grandmother. When I go to centre island, I like to go to the beach. Being there makes me feel calm because I am surrounded by nature. I belong downtown because it makes me happy.

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So many memories in Downtown Newmarket

It all started in Newmarket! I was living on my own, single, bored of guys and thought I’d never find someone! Looking now to the Internet, I finally found a guy I wanted to meet! It just so happened that we lived 5 minutes from each other! We met at the Moxies in Newmarket, jeremey told the bartenders that he was on a blind date, I walked in and sat at the table and (I didn’t know this until down the road!) the bartender gave him a thumbs up! We talked for 3 hours non stop, finished our date, and I gave him a kiss good bye! Since that date we were inseparable. We bought a house within 6 months! Moxies was our “spot”! We went there occasionally, he proposed to me there and we have every anniversary there! We enjoyed going to fairy lake for walks, seeing the festivals, craft shows, dog shows through the years has been amazing. Got married at madsens greenhouse (amazing gem in Newmarket!), had our two kids at southlake hospital and so on. Every summer, we love taking the kids to downtown Newmarket, go for a walk at fairy lake, come back for a splash in huge splash pool, then finish off with a Kawartha dairy ice cream on the downtown strip. Newmarket will always be a part of our lives and I wouldn’t change it for the world! So many memories, so many more to come!