Downtown is fun, epic and joyful

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I am nine years old and I go to Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Regent Park. I love being at this school. It’s so fun when I’m at school. I feel like I can learn anything. I like my teacher because she teaches us Math, Language, etc. My family is originally from Jamaica and moved to Canada when my brother and sister were 12. I was born here. I am always around Jamaican people at home, but at school I have friends from all over the world. When I think of downtown Toronto, I think of FUN, EPIC, JOY. I love being downtown. Sometimes the streets are really loud and busy. Downtown has lots of fun places like the CNE. Also, I like being downtown because there are many celebrations, such as Taste of the Danforth and Canada’s 150th birthday this year. Thank you for reading my I belong downtown story.

- Shania Duncan

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Everyone belongs downtown

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I love Toronto’s downtown because everyday when I go to school I see different skin colours, different cultures, and people from different countries. For example, my grade 4/5 classmates represent about a dozen different countries. I also love Toronto’s downtown because everyone is welcome, regardless of their religion or background. In addition, I like Toronto’s downtown because most holidays are celebrated there. For instance, last year my family and I went to Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate Christmas. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown. #i belong downtown


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Downtown Toronto is my favourite place to be

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Toronto’s downtown is very busy and very loud. Some people are mean but still it’s a great place. It’s where the CN tower is and it’s where most grand celebrations are. Also, it’s where City Hall is.There are lots of different skin colours in downtown Toronto and everybody is welcome in downtown Toronto. Toronto’s downtown, it’s where I live. It’s my favorite place to be. Most importantly, it’s Toronto’s downtown.

- Gordon

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Adventures in Downtown Saskatoon

My earliest memory of downtown Saskatoon is arguably my fondest memory since it set the stage for all the fun and adventures I've had here. As a five year old, my older cousin Marcella got married, and she and her husband asked me to be their ring bearer. We were limo-ed to photos after the ceremony in Mendel Conservatory and on to the main ballroom at the Old Sheraton (now Hilton Garden Inn).

Cheering in Downtown Vancouver

One of my most cherished memories of the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver is the thousands upon thousands of citizens and visitors who gathered and celebrated our athletes' accomplishments on Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. ‎Almost eight years later, I can still recall how loudly proud Canadians, wearing face paint and dressed in red and white like we ‎do on Canada Day, were cheering. It was the sound that the whole world heard and it came from Downtown Vancouver.  

Strangers become friends when celebrating in Toronto

Strangers become friends when celebrating in Toronto

When the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series for the first time ever, I remember the entire city was bursting with pride and excitement. A bunch of us skipped school on the day of the parade and went downtown. It felt like a party atmosphere and everyone, whether they were friends or strangers celebrated together. Every time I go downtown, I think about that day.