Toronto: a diverse place where everyone is welcome

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Before coming to Toronto, I use to live in the suburbs of Ottawa. I always loved to go downtown because of all the big tall buildings, and glowing lights. My daycare and my mom’s work was downtown too. At 6:30, when I went home all the lights were on. It was beautiful. I also went downtown with my dad because of the GGs, Ottawa's football team. We would be the only ones there and the hot dog vender would only make one hot dog for me! It was awesome! Then I moved to downtown Toronto, a diverse place where everyone is welcome.




Downtown brings me joy and happiness

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Downtown is home for me. It is the only place I have lived. Living downtown brings me joy and happiness. I love downtown because there is lot of diversity. For example, my grade 4/5 class did a survey and we have students from 13 different counties. This makes me feel comfortable to be myself. Another thing that I love about downtown is looking at the tall buildings at night full of lights. It makes our skyline look beautiful. My favorite building is the CN tower. I have been there 3 times and each time is just as fun as the last. The view from the CN tower is magnificent. You can see all of Toronto from up there, including the building I live in. I belong downtown.

- Tajmim

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Tall buildings, big malls and good singers on the street

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When I think of downtown, I think of tall buildings and big malls. The tallest building in downtown is the CN tower. I have gone to there in the summer. I enjoyed it because it had a really cool elevator and a glass floor. I could see the whole city. Also, it has really good singers on the street. I go to Nelson Mandela Park Public School and they give me a nice hot lunch every day. I live close to a big field called the MLSE field. It has a fountain, a basketball court and a huge field. I belong in downtown because it is a busy and hardworking part of the city.

- Nahid 

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Lucky to belong downtown

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I have lived in downtown for 9 years and I would never leave the place. All though I was born in north etobicoke since I came I appreciate it. Amazing lights at the night very tall buildings especially CN Tower it was lighted so beautifully and a great sky line. I was very young then I did not understand but now I do cause my friend lives at etobicoke and when I come back at night it is so lighted and great to enjoy that is why I appreciate it and very do and all though I am lucky to belong downtown.


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