Downtown is everyone seems like friends

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When I think of downtown Toronto, I think of lots of nice people walking the streets of this beautiful part of the city. Every person is going somewhere for different reasons at different times. In this diverse part of the city, it seems as though everyone is friends. My favorite part of downtown Toronto is the MLSE field by Nelson Mandela Park Public School. It’s good because you can play many different sports, such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball. The other great thing about it is that is brings together people of different backgrounds, races and religions. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown.


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Lucky to belong downtown

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I have lived in downtown for 9 years and I would never leave the place. All though I was born in north etobicoke since I came I appreciate it. Amazing lights at the night very tall buildings especially CN Tower it was lighted so beautifully and a great sky line. I was very young then I did not understand but now I do cause my friend lives at etobicoke and when I come back at night it is so lighted and great to enjoy that is why I appreciate it and very do and all though I am lucky to belong downtown.


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