Finding the hidden gems in Toronto

Photo credit: Benson Kua (Flickr)

Photo credit: Benson Kua (Flickr)

Downtown Toronto at first glance is like most of the downtown areas of major cities with its tall sky scrapers, never ending supply of bars and clubs, as well as its Chinatown, the latter invariably seen in all downtown corridors. But, if you spend enough time exploring the downtown core, you would find a few gems which are unbeknownst to many and do not get the publicity they truly deserve.  

Some of these gems that I have discovered are small home-like, comfortable spots to spend time with friends; places such as “snakes and lattes”.  Herein, a patron can enjoy a hot beverage, some snacks and choose among the jillions of board games found throughout its surroundings and in columns throughout the café. However, if board games are not your entertainment of choice and you find yourself in the winter season, you should check out “DJ skate nights” at Nathan Phillip Square. This skating rink is open to the public every day except Saturday evenings and serves as a regular skating rink.  But on Saturday evenings, a DJ is on site spinning the hottest songs live.

Another thing I love about downtown Toronto is the “Nubian night” at Yuk Yuks comedy club on the last Sunday of every month.  This is a show that is hosted by comedian Kenny Robinson and features young, black comedians and comedians of all other backgrounds.  

Downtown Toronto is an assortment of cultures and ethnic groups to come together to share beautiful space.

-Abbas J