A spectacular Canada 150 celebration in Ottawa

Downtown Ottawa

Downtown Ottawa is always bursting with life. Being the capital of Canada, it attracts a lot of tourists, but its also a place for local residents.  Downtown Ottawa produces an experience where people can work, play, and live together to truly understand the diversity and patriotism of Canada.

Rideau Street remains one of my favourite places to visit in Downtown Ottawa. Since its one of Canada’s oldest street, the architecture is composed of heritage sites, Victorian style buildings as well as modern high rises. The combination of these buildings leaves visitors with much to photograph and many activities to do!  Its location near Parliament Hill allows it to be not only the centre of activity but a place to experience diverse cultures through various restaurants, museums, theatrical performances and simply by talking to the wonderful people trying to experience the same.

This past summer, as Ottawa celebrated Canada150, it put on a spectacular show that included a mechanical dragon horse and spider. Another small memory to add to the list of why I love Downtown Ottawa. #iBelongDowntown because it leaves me feeling fulfilled and excited!