Tall buildings, big malls and good singers on the street

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When I think of downtown, I think of tall buildings and big malls. The tallest building in downtown is the CN tower. I have gone to there in the summer. I enjoyed it because it had a really cool elevator and a glass floor. I could see the whole city. Also, it has really good singers on the street. I go to Nelson Mandela Park Public School and they give me a nice hot lunch every day. I live close to a big field called the MLSE field. It has a fountain, a basketball court and a huge field. I belong in downtown because it is a busy and hardworking part of the city.

- Nahid 

Background Photo Source: http://www.metronews.ca/news/toronto/2015/07/26/cn-towers-pan-am-fireworksdisplay-pyrotechnics-designer-eric-tucker-reveals-how-it-happened.html