Neighbourly love in Saskatoon

Photo credit:  Robert Linsdell

Photo credit: Robert Linsdell

To me living downtown means community; it means embracing all people - no matter how different. I live in a downtown high-rise that has been in the news a lot in the summer of 2017. After one of our neighbours was assaulted, all of us tenants came together. My neighbour down the hallway organized cards to be sent to the hospital with well wishes from us all. It was this same neighbour that after her scooter was stolen - she garnered so much media attention and received a number of donated scooters - she shared the generosity the Saskatoon people had given her. She sent a scooter to the gentlemen who was assaulted and another woman in another community. It is this "family-like" core and appreciation that makes me a proud downtown Saskatoon resident. Its about real people connecting. Downtown Saskatoon is our hub. It is the place I live, work and entertain. #iBelongDowntown. It is my home.

- Crystal Zvacek