My family business in Toronto

My grandfather, Leo (or Leonard Hertzman), came to Canada from Romania as a young man in 1912.  Initially, he worked for a relative in the men’s clothing business. He brought his siblings to Canada, got married, started his own family and after a number of years opened a men’s clothing store of his own: UNITED CLOTHING Stores 

After a number of years he had become a successful entrepreneur,  with 6 locations along Queen Street and Dundas Street. Most notable were the ones at the south/west corner of Yonge and Dundas (Eaton’s Centre today) and the store within the Rex Hotel on Queen St. Regrettably he rented these locales (against the better judgement of his wife Gussie, who wanted him to buy these properties). He did, however, purchase the property at 328 Yonge St. for which the members of our family, 70 years later, are all very grateful. Leo became a proud Canadian and we are proud to be part of the history of downtown Toronto. 

downtown story.jpg

- Elayne F