So many things to love about Downtown Victoria

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I moved to Victoria from Brazil eight years ago (yep, I just counted with my fingers – time really does fly). One of my favourite parts of this small city is no doubt, the downtown. Although, I have lived in Victoria for many years I still have places in downtown to see. It seems as if a new store opened up every day. The feeling I get when I step my foot in downtown is hard to describe but I can say that it is an intense feeling of happiness.

What I love most about downtown is its sense of community, vibrancy and people. There is always something going on in our downtown, whether it is the lunch time concert in Centennial Square or buskers in Government Street, downtown is always vibrant and inviting. While downtown can be busy with people trying to get to work in the morning, it can be very peaceful and wonderful to observe.

What brings me downtown? You may ask – well, the environment. I love the energy that downtown Victoria brings and when walking around, there is always something new to see. No matter who you are, downtown Victoria will accept and embrace you! #iBelongDowntown  

-Juliana He