Downtown Toronto is my new home

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Every morning I think this phrase, ”I belong downtown”. When I first moved away from Scarborough, I was scared of the people around me. I was shy when meeting new people. Four years ago, I began to believe that I belong downtown. It’s been a long time and I am used to it now. Downtown Toronto is my new home. There are many reasons why I love living downtown. First, I appreciate being surrounded by different races and cultures. It makes me feel happy to see diverse people around me. Secondly, I love being close to shopping malls, such as the Eaton Centre. Thirdly, there is a lot of things to do to stay entertained. For example, Toronto hosts events such as the C.N.E. and concerts featuring famous artists, such as Bruno Mars. This is why I belong downtown and I’ll never leave.


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Downtown is everyone seems like friends

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When I think of downtown Toronto, I think of lots of nice people walking the streets of this beautiful part of the city. Every person is going somewhere for different reasons at different times. In this diverse part of the city, it seems as though everyone is friends. My favorite part of downtown Toronto is the MLSE field by Nelson Mandela Park Public School. It’s good because you can play many different sports, such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball. The other great thing about it is that is brings together people of different backgrounds, races and religions. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown.


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Toronto: a diverse place where everyone is welcome

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Before coming to Toronto, I use to live in the suburbs of Ottawa. I always loved to go downtown because of all the big tall buildings, and glowing lights. My daycare and my mom’s work was downtown too. At 6:30, when I went home all the lights were on. It was beautiful. I also went downtown with my dad because of the GGs, Ottawa's football team. We would be the only ones there and the hot dog vender would only make one hot dog for me! It was awesome! Then I moved to downtown Toronto, a diverse place where everyone is welcome.




Downtown I can be myself

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I belong downtown because you don't have to be scared to express yourself. I go to the school at Nelson Mandela Park Public School. They provide lunch for me. When I say downtown, I think of busy streets and happy energy. My favorite place is Eaton Center. I like it because I like being in busy places. Also, the people that work there are nice and helpful. I belong downtown because I can be myself.

- Aleyna

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My favourite places downtown

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When l first moved to downtown Toronto, my neighborhood is in the middle of Regent Park and Cabbagetown. My favorite park in downtown is Regent Park because it has a nice school named Nelson Mandela Park Public School. My favorite space is the Eaton Center because it is a really fun mall, which has a movie theatre. When i was small, I lived in downtown Manitoba for 2 years. I liked downtown Manitoba as well because I was close to my family. However, I like downtown Toronto better because I have made more friends here.

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Downtown brings me joy and happiness

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Downtown is home for me. It is the only place I have lived. Living downtown brings me joy and happiness. I love downtown because there is lot of diversity. For example, my grade 4/5 class did a survey and we have students from 13 different counties. This makes me feel comfortable to be myself. Another thing that I love about downtown is looking at the tall buildings at night full of lights. It makes our skyline look beautiful. My favorite building is the CN tower. I have been there 3 times and each time is just as fun as the last. The view from the CN tower is magnificent. You can see all of Toronto from up there, including the building I live in. I belong downtown.

- Tajmim

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Downtown is fun, epic and joyful

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I am nine years old and I go to Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Regent Park. I love being at this school. It’s so fun when I’m at school. I feel like I can learn anything. I like my teacher because she teaches us Math, Language, etc. My family is originally from Jamaica and moved to Canada when my brother and sister were 12. I was born here. I am always around Jamaican people at home, but at school I have friends from all over the world. When I think of downtown Toronto, I think of FUN, EPIC, JOY. I love being downtown. Sometimes the streets are really loud and busy. Downtown has lots of fun places like the CNE. Also, I like being downtown because there are many celebrations, such as Taste of the Danforth and Canada’s 150th birthday this year. Thank you for reading my I belong downtown story.

- Shania Duncan

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Everyone belongs downtown

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I love Toronto’s downtown because everyday when I go to school I see different skin colours, different cultures, and people from different countries. For example, my grade 4/5 classmates represent about a dozen different countries. I also love Toronto’s downtown because everyone is welcome, regardless of their religion or background. In addition, I like Toronto’s downtown because most holidays are celebrated there. For instance, last year my family and I went to Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate Christmas. I belong downtown because everyone belongs downtown. #i belong downtown


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