How to Get Involved

The easiest and best way to get involved is to Share Your Story.

We’re also looking for community and cultural organizations, educators, BIAs and other partners across the country to help us raise awareness about the project and give as many people as possible the opportunity to share their I Belong Downtown story.  The following resources have been created with this in mind. 

Toolkit for Community Partners

This Toolkit has information and ideas for how to gather stories from your colleagues, constituents, communities, and students.

Project Poster

Share the poster electronically/on social media or print it out and put up on local bulletin boards, in your school, community centre or coffee shop. 

Promo Images

Use the promo images to promote the project on social media, in newsletters, etc.  

Promo Image #1

Promo Image #2

Story Card

Download and print the story card and use it for gathering people's stories at events on the street, in coffee shops, etc.